Roll & Release Class

Individual & Group Classes From $15.00

This small group training class is designed to teach you proper technique for foam rolling and stretching and how to implement these into your basic daily routine. Through carefully selected yoga asanas, stretches and exercises, we will release your overactive muscles and elongate your shortened muscles.

A great intro to stretching and rolling for those looking to learn about trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Through these techniques you can release fascia & improve blood circulation throughout the body. This aids in recovery, improves overall mobility, reduces & prevents joint pain and helps prevent common injuries.

Techniques used during a class: static and dynamic stretching, foam rolling, spikey ball & massage balls, PNF stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), yoga asana and mobility exercises.


Roll and Release Pricing

45 Minute Group Class $15.00

60 Minute Individual $100.00


Roll & Release Timetable

Thursday 4.30pm

Saturday 10am

This is a new class with numbers growing so if you would love to attend but on a different time/day please let us know.

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Your Instructor

Leigh Melocco

Myotherapist, Roll & Release Instructor

Leighs qualifications extend from Yoga Instruction, Remedial Massage, Sports Medicine and Myotherapy.

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