The vision to create a clinic where the best multi-discipline practitioners from around Australia can work in together to deliver patient results was as ambitious as it was time consuming.

But now that its real, patients will be wondering why every other clinic isn't exactly the same.

With vast experience working with everything from the AFL to the far corners of Europe, each staff member brings a unique skill set and unwavering passion for their craft.

Meet the Rehub Studios Team

  • Luke Wallace

    Dr. Luke Wallace is a holistic practitioner with experience in Sport Science, Osteopathy & Kinesiology.

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  • Daniel Ricci
    Remedial Massage Therapist

    Over 13 years experience, spanning multiple AusOpen campaigns plus 10 seasons in the AFL. Daniel has the a keen eye for injury preventions and the skills to match.

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  • Lauren Wilson
    Myotherapist - Currently on Maternity Leave

    Lauren is a unique soft tissue professional, with strong history embedded in elite sports having worked in the AFL, at the Australian Open and with Australian and international cricketers...

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    Remedial Therapist - Currently unavailable

    Laurie has taken on a larger roll at Carlton Football Club, at this point in time she doesn't have any availability to treat outside of the club. Once the season starts she will reassess her situation.

    Laurie is a remedial massage and bodywork therapist with a background and passion for working with athletes preparing for and returning to sport. She has experience working with the Carlton Blues AFL team and Melbourne Ice men’s and women’s ice hockey teams...

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