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Osteopathy helps your body perform everyday activities without pain. It understands that there are various causes of pain and can find your cause, to alleviate your pain. Osteopathy treats all conditions of the body that cause pain.

Osteopaths are medically trained, understanding that diseases & medications have an impact on your body of which treatment may be able to help alleviate some of its symptoms.

Feeling the affect of stress or a repetitive role at work, then book an appointment with your Osteopath today.

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30 Minute Consultation $100.00

New Patient Consultation (45 Minutes) $115.00

45 Minute Consultation $125.00

60 Minute Consultation $145.00

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Our Osteopath

  • Luke Wallace

    Dr. Luke Wallace is a holistic practitioner with experience in Sport Science, Osteopathy & Kinesiology.

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